The Context

Sarangani Bay is the Philippines’ largest exporter of premium quality bangus and other seafood. Bangus is a staple across Filipino cuisine, but with the brand seen as expensive, penetrating the local market has become a challenge for them.

The Challenge

The company wanted to create greater interest and demand for its bangus products locally, while also expanding its global reach.

  • Sarangani Bay needed to establish a stronger online presence.

The Solution

To expand the brand’s reach, Sarangani Bay, together with Comm&Sense, produced playful and creative content.

  • Content such as articles, image posts, and videos that highlighted the versatility of bangus as well as Filipino cuisine was posted on their Facebook page, Kusina Sarangani.

The Result

The content on the Kusina Sarangani page indeed worked! With an increase of 20,000 to over 200,000 likes, increased website traffic, and over 6 million views on their videos, the brand was finally able to gain further recognition as well as grow their online community.