The Context

WCC Aviation is one of the leading aviation schools in the country. For decades, local aviation schools like WCC have competed for enrollees through a tuition price war. Sadly, WCC’s budget in print ads has yielded little to no returns in terms of leads and enrollees.

The Challenge

For WCC needed to stand out above the crowd.

  • Given that young Filipinos are hooked on social media and given its wide reach, WCC Aviation shifted into digital marketing.
  • But WCC also needed to break away from the competition and become the top-of-mind for anyone planning to embark on a career in the aviation industry.

The Solution

Together with WCC, Comm&Sense created and released bite-sized content online to reach their desired audience.

  • The WCC page provided the audience with engaging stories and information about the aviation industry instead of simply focusing on the school’s programs.
  • The website was also re-engineered to be able to contain articles, infographics, and quizzes that were informative and interesting.

The Result

WCC became a hub for relevant content on the aviation industry. Its page got a 300% increase in website traffic, with users browsing six to eight pages of content. Its Facebook platform remains the aviation school page with the most number of engagements (almost 70,000 engagements monthly). With the use of digital marketing, we were able to get as many as 250 – 300 signees per event, thus generating a 500% increase in leads.