The Context

Medical Center Manila decided to upgrade and rebrand to ManilaMed through its #FeelBetter campaign. However, for 2 years, the campaign failed to yield significant results. Despite heavy investment in digital, the patient consensus was not picking up.

The Challenge

ManilaMed’s rebrand had to make an impact.

  • ManilaMed needed to be present on as many platforms as possible.
  • ManilaMed needed to highlight its outstanding care and facilities, and it needed to be marketed as a thought leader.

The Solution

To make the hospital’s rebranding more successful, ManilaMed partnered with Comm&Sense.

  • The ManilaMed website was re-engineered to become a publishing site wherein an average of 8 articles on urban health were posted every month.
  • Alongside this, the concept of urban health was transformed into bite-sized content for easy consumption. This was done in the form of image posts, video articles, GIFs, and the like.

The Result

The campaign was a success! ManilaMed’s page gained over a 334% increase in traffic with over 100,000 page views per month. Because of the bite-sized content, followers of ManilaMed’s Facebook page grew almost five times from 32,000 to 188,000 by the end of our campaign (487%). The campaign contributed to ManilaMed getting past the P1 billion revenue mark, one year ahead of its projection.