With an estimated 1.44 Billion active users worldwide, about 45 million of them in the Philippines‚ Facebook has emerged to become one of the most convenient and best avenues for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. With a simple click, Facebook marketing makes it easy for companies to determine and reach their target market.


In Facebook Marketing, advertisement can be charged depending on the objective and nature of the ad. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is when an ad is charged based on the number of, well, clicks. This bid includes any clicks on the advertisement: like, share, image click, comment, click to website, continue reading, what have you. CPC makes it easy for businesses to see how their target audiences react to their promoted content.


Recently, however, Facebook announced that there would be updates on the definition of Cost-Per-Click (CPC). These updates will be applied immediately and businesses should look forward to how these would affect their ads placement.


Essentially,  CPC on Facebook now has an option to only include clicks to websites and apps, and not likes, shares and comments. This update will help advertisers understand how their ads perform in Facebook and help them gain organic reach above anything else. Advertisers can see in the reports of their ad placement the valuable counts or the ones that reach their websites or apps.


Why is this important? In one fell swoop, this update would entice more businesses to create an ad placement on Facebook whose result is much closer to their bottom line ‚which is website or app traffic.


For the serious digital marketers in the Philippines, this move made Facebook Ads a more indispensable weapon in their marketing arsenal. Facebook has become more than just a platform for engagement; it has inched closer to becoming a pathway for sales conversion.


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We wouldn’t be surprised if more businesses in the Philippines, even those traditional ones, would take Facebook marketing more seriously. They really should.


But more than this, the newest update in Facebook’s CPC would benefit SMEs. Unlike top 1000 corporations, small businesses may not have the luxury of spending for engagement. Giving them the option to lead more people to their online storefront would put them in a more level playing field in terms of getting the attention of the online customers. Small businesses are now empowered to reach their target audience without spending a lot to advertise their products and services. It will also enable these businesses to compete with those that operate bigger than them.


Facebook Marketing in the Philippines is still very young, yet its effects on businesses, whether big or small, are already being felt. With the new updates on Facebook ad placements, these businesses are bound to make waves among Filipino businesses wanting to make a stronger impact in their markets.