In the age of digital media, entrepreneurs prefer to become more active on their social media accounts because it is believed that there is more audience engagement there than in their own website. If you’re an entrepreneur and thinking about being active on social media and leaving your website behind, you should think twice.


Yes, social media has a lot of perks for any business, but there are more important reasons why you should keep and improve your website.


It helps you establish and maintain your business’ credibility


Any business, big or small, can create their social media pages for free, but a business with a website appears to be bigger and more established than its competitors. Your website is also your main platform where the mission and vision of your business will reflect. Through a website, your audience can see everything that your business can offer and why they have to choose you over another brand. A website will also create an image or brand identity for your business that your audience will remember.


A business has control of its own website


Unlike in your social media accounts where you will follow their rules on what to include on your business’ page,

Website vs Social Media: Why Having a Website is More Important there are no restrictions when it comes to creating your own website. From the design to its content, you have the power on what your website will look like. A business’ website could also look like depending on the persona of their target audience.


The market online still trusts a business with a website


Aside from a physical store, your website is where your target audience will go to as people tend to go online to find something they need. When your audience found out that your business doesn’t have a website, they’ll have an impression that you do not take your business seriously. Your website could also be an avenue to target potential audience. With the right execution of SEO marketing by adding significant keywords in your website’s content, chances are your business appear in search engines in just a click.


It increases SEO ranking, making your business relevant


For businesses, SEO ranking  still matters because it determines the visibility of your brand in search engine websites like Google. 


4 Things That Are Keeping Your Website From Ranking Higher

With the proper content and right keywords, your business’ SEO ranking will go higher, making it easier for your audience to see and access your business’ website, thus, increasing your sales.


As people engage more online, now is the best time to update and improve your business’ website with SEO marketing and compelling content. Even if there are different platforms where businesses can promote their brand, the market will always go back to the brand’s website.