Social media has become a hub of advertisers for almost a decade now. With the emergence of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, promotion of products and services has never been easier. It not just helps the companies to increase their sales, but they are able to communicate and get their market’s feedback.


Through the years, the developers of these social media sites develop different ways to help these businesses all over the world to advertise their products through their website. Today, Facebook is highly used by these advertisers because of up to date and very handy ads manager. Instagram, on the other hand, is making its steps on developing their page for business, on their latest statement, they announced that they are testing their ad management through selected brands in US and UK, but will soon expand globally.


Recently Introducing ads editor (Twitter)  Twitter marketing rose to a new level when they announced the new updates for their business page. Last year, Twitter launched their mobile ad network, which allowed selected marketers to advertise on Twitter and extend it to different mobile apps. With the new updates today, Twitter now allows advertisers all over the globe to promote through videos and tweets with the launch of ’Audience Platform.’


Twitter Expands Ad Network, Brings Video Ads To Outside Apps Twitter expected the advertisers to reach an audience of 700 million by using the ad network. With the new ad network, advertisers can customize their ads such as video, native ads, banners, and full-screen mobile ads that they called interstitials, which can also be retweeted and favorited by the audience, unlike before that it’s only limited to promotional video and tweets.


Introducing ads editor (Twitter) Advertisers can also create multiple campaigns with Twitter’s newest ad network. With the ads editor, advertisers can now easily edit and manage their campaigns such as campaign start and end dates, budgets, and targeting criteria. Twitter marketing via their ads network allows advertisers to download a spreadsheet of the campaigns, and easily manage them using Microsoft Excel.


With these updates, businesses in the Philippines now have the chance to expand their reach further using Twitter marketing strategies. They won’t highly depend on hashtags now because they are now able to create their own ads where they can also determine their audience. Small to medium scale businesses will also now have the chance to promote and be known through Twitter’s ad network.


This is just the beginning for Twitter marketing; they say that there are more developments coming in the next months and years such as Twitter Expands Ad Network, Brings Video Ads To Outside Apps new ad formats and targeting tools. They are also planning to give advertisers the option to pay for website clicks and conversions in the future, aside from the option of paying for tweet engagements, app installs, and video views.


Though Twitter’s ad network is still very young, it is expected to increase Twitter’s boost sales for this year. It is also predicted to surpass the sales of Google and Facebook, and sooner or later, the performance of Twitter’s ad network would level with those of Google’s and Facebook’s.