The answer is YES.


Companies start their Twitter initiatives with almost the same objective in mind: Get as many followers as possible. It is perhaps the most important metric CEOs ask of their CMOs.


CMOs then pressure their staff or digital agencies to make sure thousands flock in and start following their accounts. As a result, companies end up creating senseless memes, joining irrelevant but popular hashtags, or running expensive contests just to meet the targets.


The obsession with Twitter followers represents old-school thinking with this social media platform. In reality, having thousands of followers is just an offshoot of the things you’re doing right. Ultimately, however, the number of people following you is not the reason why brands should be out there on Twitter.


Instead of gagging over followers, Twitter should be an opportunity for companies to show to the world what their brands care about. Going to Twitter is a way for companies to say “We are open to communicate with the world” and not, ‚”We Are here. Follow us.”


So how exactly do you want the world to perceive you through the lens of Twitter? Here are some ideas you could get from Twitter marketing:


  1. Show the world how you thoroughly brought your website’s overall look and brand guidelines to Twitter. Make sure that on Twitter, your brand’s look and feel is consistent with the way you designed your background colors, cover photo, and profile image. Even the description should be well thought out.


  1. Demonstrate your consistency and commitment. It doesn’t matter if your account has few followers, just make sure that your brand will constantly send tweets twice a day about things that your company and your stakeholders care about.


  1. Make yourself relevant. Share quick insights that will interest your target audiences. Show photos that provide a sneak peak to what it’s like inside your company. Share links that your target market will surely appreciate.


  1. Add meaningful voice to conversations that are important to your industry. This will show your thought-leadership.


  1. Use Twitter as a platform to express your company’s thoughts on local and international issues. Show the world that your company is not all about business; you are, after all, corporate citizens.

All in all, Twitter is a way for you to become publishers — 140-characters at a time. The more content you put out, the more consistent you will become. It is almost a guarantee that people will notice. Looking at Twitter this way will make your endeavor more meaningful. The number of followers that you will get will just be an icing on the proverbial cake.


So how are you engaging your target audience with Twitter? Comment your thoughts so others can pick up a tip or two.