When we say animation, the first thing that registers in our mind is TV, cartoons, films, and music. It is often used for young audiences since it heavily focuses on visuals.Although animation is still used in these industries today, it is not limited in those areas anymore.


Today, animation has been utilized in other fields such as marketing and advertising. Businesses nowadays continue developing the capacity of animation in engaging their market to their brand. With the modern technology today, there is no doubt that it can be on the list of top marketing strategies in the future.


Here are the top five reasons why your business needs to use animation to promote your brand.


Easy to Understand


The advantage of animation is it can show everything that the brand wants to show to its market. By using animation, brands can explain the benefits of their products or services in a concise way and not just simply giving away its information without any explanation. With its capacity, animation is usually used in businesses that need to show statistics and methods on how to use their brands.


It is entertaining


With its capacity to easily catch the attention of the market, animation is proven to be entertaining to all types of audiences. It can easily communicate with the market in every way possible, be it humorous, story-telling, role-playing, or even in a simple informative way, animation can recreate anything that the brand demands. With the help of music and fun characters, every brand can create a video of animation that will make them look fun and exciting.


Animation can be flexible


In animation, everything from the imagination can be done. Brands can now easily portray difficult scenes for their promotional videos according to how they want it to look like. With animation’s flexibility, businesses are able to produce quality and engaging marketing collaterals without spending too much time, money, and effort.


There is a lot of software available


Together with the rapid changes in technology today, there is now 

Top 20 Most Essential Software for Artists and Designers available in the market for animators to utilize. Businesses need not to worry because this software is very handy and easy to use that beginners can immediately adapt to it. With the availability of these avenues to create animations, it can now cater to the needs and priorities of any business type.


Animation can do brand expansion


According to , animated videos can gather up to 41% higher click-through rate than plain content text. It is also highly shared on social media sites, thus, it increases traffic on the main website source. With these high percentages on clicks and social media sites, animation also helped SEO rankings to increase.


Animation may seem like a difficult and expensive job, but the value and effect that it will cost the brand will be all worth it. With a balance of quality content and good animation, these animated marketing materials will deliver the information to the brand’s target market and may continue to spread and influence those potential ones.