• Award of Merit for PhilCare’s Wellness Index
  • Award of Merit for WCC’s Engaging the Future of Aviation through Social Media
  • Award of Merit for PhilLife’s Teacher Tribute: Giving Back to Teachers through Video Marketing
  • Award of Excellence for WCC’s ‘Plane and Simple’ Content Marketing Campaign
  • Award of Excellence for ManilaMed’s Urban Health Media Forum
  • Award of Excellence for Westlake Medical Center’s ‘Sabi ni Doc’ Social Media CampaignAward of Merit for ManilaMed’s #FeelBetter Campaign
  • Award of Merit for PhilCare’s Prepaid Healthcards: Sachet Marketing to help make HMO’s more Accessible to Filipinos
  • Award of Merit for PhilCare’s ActivNation: Reinventing HMO’s from an Employee Benefit to a Workplace Productivity Solution