Influencer marketing has become a potent instrument for firms seeking to raise brand awareness, broaden their reach, and establish their reputation and authority. This is especially true in the Philippines, where influencer marketing has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of many businesses.
The Philippines is considered as one of the top countries with highest social media penetration in the world. Sunstar reported around 85.16 million filipino internet users as of January this year. This high degree of social media usage in the Philippines has contributed to the emergence of influencer marketing. According to a study, around 70% of Filipino online consumers purchased a product based on an influencer’s recommendation. This result implies that the usage of influencer marketing has been motivated by the success that businesses have had when cooperating with influencers. 
Charlotte Reyes, managing director of Comm&Sense, one of the top PR agencies in the Philippines, is one of the country’s foremost authorities in influencer marketing. Given the evident growth of influencers, Ms. Reyes, it is also unethical for businesses not to collaborate with influencers to improve their bottom line.
Reyes noted that influencer marketing expands the brand’s reach and strengthens its market position. “Once you collaborate with an influencer, they will be able to broadcast your brand, its products, and its story to their audience, as they are broadcasters. Influencer marketing has the inherent ability to move the needle for any company due to their reach, which technically equals to their influence.”
According to Reyes, there are numerous methods in which firms can cooperate with influencers to boost brand recognition. These include the provision of brand content such as instructional, how-to, and unboxing films, the encouragement of participation in surveys and competitions by awarding rewards, and the sponsorship of an event that the influencer will attend.
Additionally, Reyes emphasized the significance of influencer marketing in terms of expanding awareness and reach. “The influence of various types of influencers, from nano to mega influencers, affects thousands to millions of people,” she stated. “And they do so with less intrusion. If your company collaborates with influencers, you get access to their massive following.”
In terms of enhancing brand recognition and extending awareness and reach, Reyes stated that influencer marketing also helps to develop trust and authority. She stated, “When an influencer uploads sponsored content for all of his followers to see, it develops credibility for both the influencer and the brand referenced in the post.” “Users become aware of your brand, recognizing its existence and forming favorable perceptions of you.”
Reyes underlined the need of identifying the appropriate influencers for a firm. She stated, “You will surely work with influencers who will not benefit your organization or bring value.” “The essential idea here is complementarity. You would want to collaborate with influencers whose audiences coincide with your own.”
Overall, Reyes’ views highlighted numerous advantages for businesses to work with influencers or, in cases of bigger campaigns, with influencer marketing agencies in the Philippines. By understanding how to collaborate with influencers effectively, organizations may boost brand recognition, extend brand awareness and reach, create trust and authority, and reach their target audience.