One does not simply write stuff and publish in content marketing. If you are the type who does this cycle habitually when writing for content marketing, you are probably doing it all wrong. Here are five steps on how to level-up and reach as much audience as you can out there.


Research about your target audience


Who are you writing for? What topics are they interested in? These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself before writing articles. Researching about your target audience or market is a must because it lets you identify what posts to write about. Say, you pick the teenagers as your target audience. The next move for you now is to know what clicks with them and incorporate your writings to those trends you find.


Know their wants/needs and write about it


You have found your audience and written an article according to the trend. But there is a problem: no one’s bothering to read your post. You must have been too busy writing a post you want them to read that you have forgotten to write about what they want to see. Get it? It’s not just about you fulfilling your duties as a content marketer; it’s also about providing them what they want. Of course they’re interested about the trends you researched, but what’s in it for them to read it?


Use opinions and quotations from those in the A-list from Hollywood and Wall Street


Bringing in views of experts and celebrities in your article increases its credibility and knowledge. Readers always want to make sure that what they are reading is really trustworthy. Do this and you’ll gain trust from your audience, and another bonus, fame.


Promote your work


When we talk about promoting, it’s not just about sharing or tweeting your articles to different social media sites. Another way of encouraging people to take a peek at your work is by asking bloggers (if you have friends) to include your work on their site (especially if they are followed by a lot of people, if they’re not, that’s also okay as long as you get exposure). If there are no bloggers available (if you do not have friends or if your friends do not want to), you may transform your content into another format for an outlet like SlideShare, turn it to a podcast, or make a video and upload it to Youtube.


Read, read, read


Dr. Seuss once said in his book “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!” ‚The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. His first sentence says it all.