Business owners often face this heated, provocative debate on what marketing strategy should be executed to effectively promote and deliver brand messages to consumers. There shouldn’t be a black-and-white ideology between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Instead, the conversation should shift to how the two mediums can live happily ever after together.


According to market research firm, Gartner, in a survey of over 330 organizations, 98 percent said that offline (traditional) and online (digital) marketing are merging. While a smaller fraction said that they are letting digital marketing carry out the rest of their business model.


Here are several reasons why you should let traditional and digital marketing walk down the aisle for the success of your business.


Multiple channels for various audiences


Maximizing traditional and digital marketing allows the brand and product message to spread across many different channels, reaching more potential customers depending on the target market. For example, if you’re targeting millennials, the best marketing strategy is digital. If you’re targeting parents, your best bet is to place your ad on broadcast mediums (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine) – the most accessible channels of communication for their age. Knowing your customer is very important for you to tailor relevant messages, offers, and content while taking into consideration the media preference of your target audience.


Optimal engagement


Traditional marketing is considered as passive and digital as active. When properly mixed, it provides goal-oriented marketing campaigns. The best example for this are the ads placed on TV with a specific call to action to the consumer that drives them to play an active part as a response to your campaign. For example, the CTA you provided will urge them to visit your website or engage in your social media pages to get more information of your brand, products, or other promotions.


Credibility to the community


Since then, when information or content is from a newspapers, magazine, or radio/TV station, we are given the impression that it is credible. When investing in being seen on these traditional platforms, there is a high chance that the audience will search for you online. From there, you can build a community of customers on your social media pages or websites where they can get in touch with you and exchange thoughts with other customers who use your product or subscribe to your services. Online reviews can greatly influence other potential customers.


Better awareness and brand experience


Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the market. It is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target market and how you build meaningful relationships with your customers. This is advantageous during the time of purchase which greatly affects the decision-making process when buying. Until today, celebrity endorsers on TV or radio greatly influenced a large number of audiences. The counterpart of this in marketing’s digital mediums are bloggers which showcase their blog articles and reviews as experiential.


Did you tie the knot between Traditional and Digital Marketing for the benefit of your business? What results did you get? Share us your insights! We’d love to hear from you.