Almost overnight, the COVID-19 turned the Philippines into a nation that suddenly became comfortable with ecommerce. In fact, a study commissioned by Facebook with Bain & Company in 2020 revealed about 74 % of Filipinos have become digital consumers.

With the pandemic still very much around us, many expect the percentage of the digital consumer population to grow.

The biggest question now is, once vaccination becomes more commonplace and many start going out again, will Filipinos turn its back on ecommerce.

Comm&Sense, a leading PR Agency in the Philippines, sought to confirm these data by conducting a quick pulse within our online community. Our dipstick survey gave us an indication of how they intend to use e-commerce when the quarantine is lifted.

Results showed that 75% of respondents would still pay online more frequently when the quarantine is lifted. As for specific payment options, more than half or 55% said they would prefer paying through GCash and half 50% through online or mobile banking.

Our study also showed that 44% would still go online for bank transactions; 43% would also do so for paying bills, while 35% would do the same when buying medicines and vitamins.

Surprisingly, only 30% of respondents buy groceries online, meaning many would rather do this activity in actual malls.

The Comm&Sense survey data also reflected the platforms consumers prefer visiting. As their top activities suggest, 55% will use online/mobile banking apps, while 53% will use online payment solutions after the quarantine.

The marketing landscape has significantly shifted since the pandemic happened as consumers adapt for survival and convenience. With this drastic shift in the industry, it is expected that the digital commerce trend will continue post-outbreak.

Another study, this time from Accenture, predicted that the instances of consumers shopping online will increase from 32% to 37% after the pandemic.

With this trend, it is only high time that marketers increase their investment in this channel to stay relevant within the radar of consumers.




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