The Context

When Medical Center Manila rebranded into ManilaMed, most of its efforts were placed on digital and out-of-home ads. Even with these efforts, however, the hospital couldn’t get close to reaching its goals.

The Challenge

ManilaMed needed to stand out.

  • Despite its digital efforts, most tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila were already doing the same thing – providing health tips.
  • Research shows that urban health, which talks of the risks and health hazards urban dwellers face, was a very important issue that the government had yet to tackle.

The Solution

For ManilaMed to gain the attention it wanted, Comm&Sense proposed ManilaMed take up health advocacy.

  • This led to the mounting of the Urban Health Media Forum, which aimed to raise public attention on different health issues associated with urban living.

The Result

The effort brought to the public’s attention the many underlying issues that come with urban living. The topics we raised became the subject of editorials. Broadcast media also covered and discussed the subject extensively. ManilaMed also benefited from this business side, as the attention helped the hospital attain the P1 billion revenue milestone for 2018.