All our communication initiatives see their origin, execution, and accomplishment from data. Since everything we do is data-driven, we are meticulous in the manner we acquire our data. Aside from numbers and insights culled from analytical tools, we also employ in-house qualitative and quantitative research by our team of data-crunchers who love collecting, organizing, and analyzing information for your brand and for your audience’s benefit.


There is no fixed template to successfully earn your audience’s trust, that’s why our process always begins by assessing your brand’s unique communication needs and through the data culled through interviews, insights, and business plans, we come up with communication strategies that allow your brand to connect and build trust with your desired audience.


In this age that most people are already overwhelmed with a deluge of information, what grabs people’s attention are credible, relevant, and meaningful content (stories, videos, images, etc.) that empower them in their decision-making. Comm&Sense helps brands help people with information. By publishing factual and relevant content, brands get to connect with their desired audience and to eventually build communities.


Blogger Engagement Community Management Media/Public Relations Events Management


Digital Marketing Research and Data Analytics Video Production Graphics and Design


B2B Marketing Brand Journalism News Publication Corporate Social Responsibility


Crisis Management Copywriting Social Media and Ads Management Client Servicing
Join our team of strategists, data-crunchers, editors and creatives.

People love stories told with meaning and inspiration. Your story is definitely worth telling.