MANILA – Ninety-five percent of Filipinos use Facebook. Among that number, 9 percent are always on the social media platform, 26 percent use it very frequently, and 27 percent use it occasionally. There were around 18 percent that said they neither use Facebook frequently nor rarely, while 10 percent only use it rarely. Five percent of Filipinos use it very rarely, and the remaining 5 percent never use it.

These findings come from a survey conducted from March to April of 2019, which was co-commissioned by public relations agency, Comm&Sense. With the goal of looking into the habits and behavior of Filipinos online, the survey covered 1,350 respondents. Among all these respondents, 300 each were from NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao, while 450 were surveyed in the rest of Luzon.

Through face-to-face interviews, respondents were asked about their social media platform usage with a seven-point scale, where 1 is the most frequent and 7 is the most infrequent. Answers showed how often they used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: always, very frequently, occasionally, neither, rarely, very rarely, or never.

There were more respondents from Luzon than from any other area that use Facebook. Among the respondents that said they use Facebook, 34 percent of them were from Luzon while only 23 percent were from Visayas, 22 percent were from Mindanao, and 21 percent were from NCR.

In Luzon, most Facebook users are aged 18 to 30 years old (46 percent of Luzon respondents). Among that age bracket, however, most users are still neither frequent or infrequent with their Facebook usage. Next to them, 31 to 40 year olds use Facebook the most (41 percent of Luzon respondents), and an equal number of them use it are occasional users and neither frequent or infrequent users, each at 28 percent.  

Most Luzon Facebook users are also single (34 percent of Luzon respondents). After single Facebook users from Luzon, most respondents cohabit (31 percent of Luzon respondents). Both these groups of Luzon Facebook users are mostly neither frequent or infrequent with their Facebook usage.

Moreover, 57 percent of Facebook users from Luzon are female, and over 30 percent of them use Facebook neither frequently or infrequently.

Thirty-one percent of Facebook users from Luzon completed vocational studies, most of whom use Facebook neither frequently or infrequently (37 percent). Next to them, 21 percent of Luzon Facebook users completed college and use it rarely (27 percent).

Almost 60 percent of employed Luzon Facebook users work at private organizations and SME. It was also found that 53 percent of Luzon respondents have incomes that range from P10,001 to P30,000. Most of these respondents use the platform neither frequently or infrequently, as well.

Despite the larger percentage of Facebook users from Luzon, there were still more respondents from NCR that said they always use the social media platform (57 percent) as compared to the zero percent from Luzon. Most of the respondents from Luzon are neither frequent or infrequent Facebook users (34 percent of Luzon respondents). 

Aside from Facebook, respondents also said that they use Twitter and Instagram but much less frequently. Only about 3 percent of Filipinos are always on the other two social media platforms while 14 percent use these frequently. Twenty-two percent of respondents said they use these occasionally.

In the study, it was also found that there were less people that never use Facebook than those that never use Twitter and Instagram. Only 5 percent of the respondents never use Facebook while about 25 percent of them said they never use the other two social media platforms.

These findings show that Filipinos are very much habitual users of social media but Facebook remains to be the social media platform of choice in the country, especially in Luzon.

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