Content and social media are a match made in digital marketing heaven

Content and social media are a match made in digital marketing heaven

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Content marketing, for the newbies, is the process of pushing content that both your brand and target audience care about. It’s really about coming up with awesome materials that, in a non self-serving manner, tell them your brand personality.


Ok, supposing you got yourself some good content, now what?


Some years ago, content marketers heavily relied on traditional channels to deliver their messages. A marketing strategy is unsuccessful if it’s not delivered through the right channels to reach the intended audience. But in the advent of internet and advanced media technologies, content marketing found itself a new lover — social media. Digital marketing guru Jay Bayer puts it so correctly:


 “The goals of content marketing are consumption, then behavior. The goals of social media are participation, then behavior.”

Content marketing is about delivering important information in a genuinely compelling way. It’s the backbone of many successful brands nowadays. Without the type of content that readers want to consistently see, you can kiss their attention goodbye. But once you’ve captured their tastes, the next step is going to where they are so you can keep them where you are.


This is where social media comes in. It allows customers, marketers, and businesses to communicate among themselves. It practically groups your audiences together in separate platforms that fit your tailored message. For example, if your campaign uses heavy imagery, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest cater to the audiences who are likely to respond positively to image-based campaigns. Text-heavy messages are better fit for Facebook and LinkedIn which you can then turn into snippets for Twitter and maximize the shares.
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There are ways a content marketer can fuse the power of social media and content marketing more effectively. By allowing audiences to suggest which content they want to see, marketers get a more accurate sense of information they need to produce. Relatedly, A/B testing will help determine which messages best resonate and incite engagement.


Content marketers, especially here in the Philippines, should also find the time to study the various markets their brands serve and build buyer profiles. With buyer profiles, the marketing plan will be more effective because the types of content will directly answer to the needs, interests, goals, and even fears of the target audiences. It will be as if the particular content is reading their minds, thus, resulting to a higher rate of responsiveness.




But the most important of all social media strategies is optimization. Not all platforms were created equal. Each social media network has their own distinct features and equally unique audiences that use them. For example, Twitter’s 140-character feature modified its users’ consumption of content inside the platform. They will likely be responsive to quick and easily digestible tweets that will lead them to landing pages.  Facebook, on the other hand, allows more detailed and insightful headlines with a photo or video to draw interest to the content. Marketers should practice tailor-fitting their content to fit these particular metrics and the corresponding audience behaviour.


Like in a happy marriage, content marketing and social media are meant to carry each other and not work in opposite directions. Content marketers should take advantage of social media to create strategies and bring about success to their marketing efforts.

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