Facebook is still the top social media platform among Filipinos

MANILA – Ninety-five percent of Filipinos use Facebook. Among that number, 9 percent are always on the social media platform, 26 percent use it very frequently, and 27 percent use it occasionally. There were around 18 percent that said they neither use Facebook frequently nor rarely, while 10 percent only

Filipinos tend to use Facebook more than other social media platforms.

  • About 9% of Filipinos said they always use Facebook, while 26% said they use it very frequently, and 27% occasionally.
  • About 3% said they always use Twitter and Instagram, while 14% use them very frequently, and 22% use them occasionally.

Filipinos most prefer to be one-click-away from the latest trends and issues than become physically connected with newspapers.

  • Only 6% always read online news, while 22% read very frequently and 20% occasionally.
  • Only 6% always read print newspapers, while 24% read very frequently, and 19% read neither occasionally nor rarely.

Amidst the rise of online music apps, Filipinos are still fond of listening to both FM and AM radio.

  • 99.8% of Filipinos listen to both FM and AM radio, while 98.5% listen to music apps.
  • About 3% of Filipinos said they always listen to AM radio, while 15% listen very frequently, and 23% occasionally. 
  • 4% of Filipinos always listen to FM radio, while 21% listen very frequently, and

Television is still the most preferred media platform among Filipinos — regardless if it’s free or cable TV.

  • 2 in 10 Filipinos always watch free TV
  • 1 in 25 Filipinos always watch cable TV