7 Trends that Affect the Landscape of Marketing in the Philippines

MARKETING 101: 7 Trends that Affect the Landscape of Marketing in the Philippines

By January 30, 2018Insights
MARKETING 101: 7 Trends that Affects the Landscape of Marketing in the Philippines

The entire landscape for marketing is undergoing a drastic change all over the world. The impact is even more significant in developing countries like Philippines as the internet penetration is growing at a rapid rate in these regions.

The country achieved more than 50% internet penetration and this has given a huge boost to the online marketing strategy. If you are still stuck with the traditional marketing system, you need to consider the huge advantages of going digital and this can drastically change the overall outlook for any business. Let us look into the top trends that are having a huge impact on the marketing strategies in recent years.


  • Trend7 – Live Shows and Original Content

It is a good idea to consult Digital Marketing Philippines agencies and produce original content related to the business and use it in multiple platforms to gain the attention of the target audience. The simple thing to do in this situation is to create some articles that describe the business in a detailed manner and they can be published in leading web portals and the social media platforms. In the same manner, you can also consider creating some videos related to your business activities and this can be promoted online on different platforms.

All these strategies can give the business good viewership and the target audience will have complete details about your business activities. In this way, you can easily promote your product and services to the audience without spending too much money on the conventional marketing campaigns.


  • Trend6 – Level up the texts to images

This is the most important change that can be seen in recent years as Digital Marketing Philippines experts are of the opinion that images have the ability to get more attention from viewers when compared to text. You can try and replace the text with images wherever possible and this can give you a wider reach in the digital space.

You have to understand that most people do not have the time and patience to read a lot of content and they get more attracted to the campaign when it has attractive images. You can select the suitable images that are relevant to your business activities and use them in the marketing campaign. It is also a good idea to use some graphics in the appropriate places so that the users can easily relate to your advertisement.


  • Trend5 – Social media is the new platform for marketing

Most of the online traffic comes from the use of social media accounts and you have to target this platform exclusively for your advertising campaign. You can get in touch with Digital Marketing Philippines agencies and get appropriate suggestions in this regard. Once you discuss your business plan with the executives, they will be able to design the suitable strategy that can give a huge boost to your marketing campaign.

Remember that this is also cost effective in the long run and you can reach a wider section of audience through the social media platform. When your business is having good online presence, you can directly interact with your customers and impress them with your services.


  • Trend4 – Growth in mobile E Commerce

Many users are now comfortable with doing financial transactions on their smartphones. In this situation, you have to pay attention to the mobile e-commerce platform and try to implement it with your business portal. This makes it convenient for the consumers to do transaction with your company using their smartphone.

You will notice that this offers a lot of convenience for both the parties involved in the transaction as everything will be completed online and you need not have physical presence in different locations. Apart from that, consumers also have the advantage of completing the transaction at any time of their choice using the mobile platform.


  • Trend3 – Wider reach = Mobile web design

When you analyse the web traffic of different portals in the market, you will notice that most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. You can make the best out of this situation and implement mobile friendly website to promote your business. It makes sense to use responsive themes for the website as this can conveniently adjust the layout of the web pages according to the device used by the consumers.

You should try to keep the graphics to a minimum when you want to focus on the mobile web design as this will allow the web pages to load in a short duration of time. Your consumers will be impressed with the speed of the website and this can help you when you have too many products on your website.


  • Trend2 – Giving importance to video content

You should also make it a point to create different videos about your products and services and this can be published online using the social media platform. Remember that it is also possible to boost the campaign by promoting your videos on different platforms.

In this way, your consumers can get detailed information about your business and this can also improve your brand image in the market. You can approach Digital Marketing Philippines professionals and get suitable suggestions in this regard.


  • Trend1 – Integrated analyzation of users’ behavior with data

The ultimate trend that is making a huge impact with Digital Marketing Philippines companies is the use of data to design the strategy. Remember that you can easily get user data in different ways and analyse them carefully to develop the suitable marketing strategies for your products and services.

Once you are able to understand user behavior in the proper manner, you can reach out to them in an effective manner and convince them to use your products and services.

Everything is continuously changing. Get yourself ready for any trends that may come sooner in the field of marketing. For more tips and digital marketing strategies Digital Marketing Philippines is at your side.


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