4 Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Your Social Media Likes

4 Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Your Social Media Likes

By January 30, 2018Insights
4 Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Your Social Media Likes

Ever wonder how other people boomed from just being an unknown figure to a phenomenal internet sensation? Truth be told, it’s not just sheer luck or talent—it’s actually digital marketing that earned them a fan base.

With almost all industries shifting to social media for promotion, it’s highly important to gain a solid and authentic set of followers. This gives a brand a whole new level of exposure to billions of possible consumers.

And tempting as it may seem, it’s impractical to buy followers. The fake figures might not give you the information you want, putting your money to waste. Here’s how you can increase social media fan base with these 4 digital marketing tips:


         1.    Prioritize the social media network

Choose the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and heavily focus on which platform garners you the most number of potential consumers. Everyone is in social media nowadays so you also have to be very swift in making a response to every inquiry or tweet.

Being accessible is also important to establish a bond between your brand and your customers. This gains you feedback which can help you improve your products or services.

You can navigate around your social media networks in several ways: running a survey, searching keywords; directly talking to customers; using share data; and conducting research to know the pulse of your customers. This lets you keep up with your competitors as well.


    2.    Tailor your content

Consumers nowadays are smart enough not be swayed by templates. In order to get their attention and trust, you must appear sincere by producing your own kind of fresh marketing materials!

This digital marketing tip of making your own content will help you engage with your customers and avoid monotonous messages that don’t really relate to your customers. Keep them regularly posted with unique materials, eye-catching visuals, and interactive content.


3.    Promote your presence everywhere

Let them know that you are on other social media platforms, too! Add your social media websites on description or bio section for them to know how to keep in touch with you; this gains  you more audiences each platform.

Also try cross-promotion! Post your content simultaneously on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to make your feed consistent, fresh, and updated.


  4.    Share valuable content

Don’t post anything just to gain likes, shares, or followers—always post with value and sense!

Make sure that your presence can be felt by producing informative and useful content that your audience can learn and gain from. Remember this trick: 80% of your social media feed must consist of educational content and keep all your posts visually appealing, interactive, and engaging to build a connection with your followers.

It’s not that hard to be a social media savvy, all you need are these 4 tips and you’re up for a massive fan following and flourishing business!

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