The Good Old Days

Decades ago, getting noticed was easy.
All it took was placing ad in newspapers, getting a celebrity endorsement on TV,
or perhaps playing a funny skit on radio and your brand was as good as gold.

But we don’t live in the old days anymore

      Cable, Internet, and all the media technologies have empowered people to shut out unwelcome marketing messages. These diminished the power of old-school advertising.

Brand awareness, brought about by ads, does not automatically lead to sales anymore.

The New Reality

In its September 2013 Trust in Advertising Report,
Nielsen said ads on TV and print ranked a dismal fifth and seventh,
respectively, as forms of advertising that people from all parts of the world trust.

The New Influencers According to Today’s Market:

recommendations from people
branded websites
consumer opinions posted online

Trust is the new brand currency

It takes more than the ads to influence your audience.

You need to earn their trust. They demand valuable information.

Entertaining them with commercials alone no longer gets the job done.

Traditional ads, cold calls, direct mail, and the likes form part of the outbound marketing model.

These methods push the marketing messages to people, even if they are not interested.

Enter Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing reaches out, finds customers, and gets their trust without annoying them.
It does these through information, ideas, and fresh insights – and NOT sales pitch.
The audience returns the favor with something so much more than awareness.
They become brand converts, patrons, and even brand advocates.

This is where Comm&Sense comes in

Comm&Sense achieves a perfect blend of experience and innovation that will help your brand transition from traditional to new-age marketing.

Our experience in creative design, event conceptualization and management, public relations, and promotion are expertly combined with digital content and other new media marketing to unveil a fresh set of strategies and executions that let you efficiently hit your brand goals.

Where Comm&Sense is good at

At the core of Comm&Sense’s strategy is Content Marketing. Content Marketing fullfills the goal of finding your customers, without annoying them. This is accomplished by strategically and consistently feeding them with content that they want.

We are among the first marketing communications companies in the Philippines

to offer inbound marketing solutions

Organic Content

Comm&Sense understands that getting into content marketing is not as simplistic as putting more articles in your website and sharing them in social media.
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Creating fascinating content to gain trust for the brand is half the job. It has to be published and amplified to as many target audience out there.
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BrandINVOLVE Events

A crucial point in the customer journey is a face to face with the brand.
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Creativity is born of science of communications.
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We practice what we preach

Understanding this new marketing requires more than just a brochure write up. Read and follow our blog to learn more about the fine details and the fun trends that come with inbound marketing.

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